Instructions for participation

Instructions for participation

To make participating in the race as easy and fun as possible, please study the instructions for participating.


1.     Register on the website and choose the starter pack. You will be able to pick up the package at the Tisak kiosk you choose upon registration.

The number of Golden Star starter packs (racing T-shirt + green ribbon pin + participation with the app + donation) is limited to 6,000, so if you want this particular package, we suggest that you register as soon as possible and make the payment!

When the Golden Star package runs out, participation will be possible with the Star package (participation with the app + donation).

2.    Pay the registration fee – a donation to support the mental health of children and youth. If you pay by bank transfer, the payment will be visible in our system in 2-3 working days. Payments made online will be immediately visible in the system.

3. If you wish, you can additionally support the goal of the race – by donating.

4.    Download the starter pack – we send the packages in the week after receiving the payment! NOTE: we start with the delivery of packages from August 1 for all start packages paid by that date. After that date, we send packages within a week of receiving the payment. You will receive a Viber or SMS message from Tisak with the information on the mobile phone number specified during registration, with information about the time of downloading the package at the selected location (Tiska kiosk). The start package will be waiting for you at the selected location for 5 days, so please plan to pick up the package during that period. You need an ID card to download.

You will be able to check the status of the start package on the link by entering the package code sent in the message.  

5. Before the race , you will receive instructions for using the atlasGO application and participating in the virtual race at the email address specified in the application .

To make your participation in the race as easy and fun as possible, please study them! The Milky Way race will be available within the app from 9.9. to 9/18/2022


6. During the race, choose the time and location that suits you,  run the atlasGO app and run, walk, ride a bike, wheelchair, scooter to support the mental health of children and youth! In order to collect as many kilometers of opportunities as possible, you can participate more than once.

7.     Within the application and on UNICEF’s social networks ( Facebook , Instagram ) you will be able to follow the course of the race, stories from thousands of tracks to support mental health. Share your participation experience too!



Run, walk, and ride for the mental health of children and young people! Everyone can participate, from Croatia or abroad. Sign up here.


Do you want to participate with your family? Apply here – adults pay the registration fee, and children under 13 participate for free with a parent or guardian. Parents register as individual runners, and if they wish, they can order a racing T-shirt and a medal for the child (Golden Star package). When registering, select all the starter packs you want to buy and put them in the webshop cart to calculate the total registration fee/donation automatically.

If an adult participates through the atlasGO application, children can enter the activity manually into the application – running, cycling, in a wheelchair, scooter, rollerblades, or whatever else children can think of.

Corporate teams

Want to work with a company? Sign up here and select the Corporate Sign Up option.

Associations, schools, kindergartens…

Do you want to participate with an association, school, or kindergarten? Contact us at


Want to help us spread the word about the race? Contact us at


You can download the application for your smartphone at the following links:

Google Play Store (Android devices)

App Store (iPhones)

Huawei appGallery (Huawei devices)

You will receive the Milk Track 2022 race unlock code in the mail just before the start of the race. 


The Milky Way 2022 event will be available within the app from 5.9.2022.

You will receive detailed instructions for activating and using the application by e-mail before the start of the race, and you can also find them here:

Instructions – text


Read the Conditions for participation in the race. By participating, you agree to the stated conditions.

Have trouble signing up? Contact us at .